The Bulatov Lab is a research group in the Department of Analytical Chemistry at the Institute of Chemistry  of Saint-Petersburg State University. Our research focuses on the development and application of automated and miniaturized sample preparation procedures based on microextraction and membrane methods for HPLC, UV-Vis, chemiluminescent and spectrofluorimetric analysis.



Lebedinets Sofya has received the best poster award at the International Student Conference "SCIENCE AND PROGRESS - 2017" (November 13-17, 2017) for the presentation entitled "Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction for HPLC determination of meropenem in biological fluids".

Pochivalov Aleksei received the best oral presentation award among young scientists at the IUPAC International Congress on Analytical Sciences (5th-8th May 2017, Haikou, China) for the presentation entitled: "Switchable Hydrophilicity Solvent Membrane-based Microextraction for HPLC-FLD Determination of Fluoroquinolones in Shrimps".

The Bulatov Lab presented the talks at the 20th International Conference on Flow Injection Analysis and Related Techniques in Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Pochivalov Aleksei has received the best poster award at the 20th International Conference on Flow Injection Analyis and Related Techiques (2nd-7th October, 2016) for the presentation entitled "A membrane microextraction based on switchable-hydrophilicity solvent. Automated determination of fluoroquinolones in food samples."

The international scientific committee of the International Conference on Flow Injection Analysis and Related Techniques (ICFIA) has decided that next 21 ICFIA will be held in St-Petersburg and hosted by St. Petersburg State University (Chair Andrey Bulatov, Secretary Irina Timofeeva).

The Bulatov Lab and collaborators presented the following talks at X Polish Symposium FLOW ANALYSIS & CAPILLARY ELECTROPHORESIS in the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland: - Automated liquid-liquid extraction based on flow system coupled with HPLC (Andrey Bulatov, 15th September 2016) - On-line reversed-phase chromatomembrane extraction coupled with ion-exchange chromatography (Andrey Shishov, 15th September 2016)

Lawrence Nugbienyo wins contest of The Russian Fund for Fundamental Research for scientific projects performed by young scientists under the supervision of candidates and doctors of science in scientific organizations of the Russian Federation. The theme of research: “Microextraction pre-concentration of drugs in biological fluids for subsequent flow analysis”. The research project is being carried out under the supervision of Prof. Andrey Bulatov in The Science Park of SPBU.

Shishov Andrey Yuryevich wins “Funduszu Stypendialnego im. Królowej Jadwigi” Grant to undergo internship in the Jagiellonian University (Poland).