Aleksei Pochivalov  


PhD student




Address: St. Petersburg State University, Institute of Chemistry,

26 Universitetskii prospect, Peterhof, St. Petersburg, 198504, Russia


Research interests:

  • Microextraction methods

  • Flow analysis

  • Analysis of food samples and biological fluids

  • Determination of pharmaceutical substances


1. Cherkashina K., Lebedinets S., Pochivalov A., Lezov A., Vakh C., Bulatov A. (2019). Homogeneous liquid-liquid microextraction based on primary amine phase separation: a novel approach for sample pretreatment. Analytica Chimica Acta, Vol. 1074, pp. 117-122;

2. Vakh C., Pochivalov A., Podurets A., Bobrysheva N., Osmolovskaya O., Bulatov A. (2018). Tin oxide nanoparticles modified by copper as novel catalysts for the luminol–H2O2 based chemiluminescence system, Analyst, Vol. 144(1), pp. 148-151;

3. Vakh C., Pochivalov A., Koronkiewicz S., Kalinowski S., Postnov V., Bulatov A. (2019). A chemiluminescence method for screening of fluoroquinolones in milk samples based on a multi-pumping flow system, Food Chemistry, Vol. 270, pp. 10-16;

4. Pochivalov A., Davletbaeva P., Cherkashina K., Lezov A., Vakh C., Bulatov A. (2018). Surfactant-mediated microextraction approach using switchable hydrophilicity solvent: HPLC-UV determination of Sudan dyes in solid food samples, Journal of Molecular Liquids, Vol. 271, pp. 807-814;

5. Cherkashina K., Vakh C., Lebedinets S., Pochivalov A., Moskvin L., Lezov A., Bulatov A. (2018). An automated salting-out assisted liquid-liquid microextraction approach using 1-octylamine: On-line separation of tetracycline in urine samples followed by HPLC-UV determination, Talanta, Vol. 184, pp. 122-127;

6. Pochivalov A., Timofeeva I., Vakh C., Bulatov A. (2017). Switchable hydrophilicity solvent membrane-based microextraction: HPLC-FLD determination of fluoroquinolones in shrimps, Analytica Chimica Acta, Vol. 976, pp. 35-44;

7. Pochivalov A., Vakh C., Andruch V., Moskvin L., Bulatov A. (2017). Automated alkaline-induced salting-out homogeneous liquid-liquid extraction coupled with in-line organic-phase detection by an optical probe for the determination of diclofenac, Talanta, Vol. 169, pp. 156-162;

8. Vakh C., Evdokimova E., Pochivalov A., Moskvin L, Bulatov A. (2017). A novel flow injection chemiluminescence method for automated and miniaturized determination of phenols in smoked food samples, Food Chemistry, Vol. 237, pp. 929-935;

9. Vakh C., Pochivalov A., Andruch V., Moskvin L., Bulatov A. (2016). A fully automated effervescence-assisted switchable solvent-based liquid phase microextraction procedure: Liquid chromatographic determination of ofloxacin in human urine samples, Analytica Chimica Acta, Vol. 907, pp. 54-59;

10. Vakh C., Evdokimova E., Pochivalov A., Moskvin L., Bulatov A. (2016). Effervescence assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction followed by microvolume UV-Vis spectrophotometric determination of surfactants in water, Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry, Vol. 99, pp. 613-623;

11. Vakh C., Freze E., Pochivalov A., Evdokimova E., Kamencev M., Moskvin L., Bulatov A. (2015). Simultaneous determination of iron (II) and ascorbic acid in pharmaceuticals based on flow sandwich technique, Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods, Vol. 73, pp. 56-62.


  • The Diploma for the oral presentation on The Ninth Student Conference-Competition “Chemistry physics and mechanics of materials” (SPSU) St. Petersburg. Russia. 2014

  • The Diploma for the oral presentation on the Conference «Chemistry for young researchers (National Mineral Resources University (Mining University))» St. Petersburg. Russia. 2015

  • Best poster award on international conference «Flow analysis XIII». Prague. Czech Republic. 2015

  • Best poster award on international conference «20th International Conference on Flow Injection Analysis and Related Techniques». Palma de Mallorca. Spain. 2016

  • The Diploma for the oral presentation on the international conference «IUPAC International Congress on Analytical Sciences 2017». Haikou. China. 2017

  • Grants of the Government of Saint Petersburg in 2015, 2016 and 2017

  • Grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (18-33-01176 mol-a). Title: “Automated methods for chemical analysis of food products based on micelle-mediated microextraction”, 2017


  • In the group of Dr. Koronkiewicz, University of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn, Poland, September–November 2017. Title: “Development of chemiluminescence method for screening of fluoroquinolones in milk samples based on a multi-pumping flow system”. Suported by Grant of the President of the Russian Federation (MD-6597.2016.3);

  • In the group of Prof. V. Andruch, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, Slovakia, September 2016–February 2017. Title: “Automation of liquid-liquid extraction by using switchable-hydrophilicity solvents”. Supported by International Visegrad Fund.

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