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Kseniia Cherkashina  


Postgraduate student of the Department of Analytical Chemistry



St. Petersburg State University, Institute of Chemistry
Universitetskiy pr., 26, 198504, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Awards & Activities:

  • RFBR grant "Flow chemiluminescent analysis, including on-line microextraction concentration of analytes" (2016).

  • Awarded with a second-degree diploma for the report "Electrochemical study of microbiological corrosion" at the XVII International Scientific and Practical Conference for students and young scientists "Chemistry and chemical technology in the XXI century" named after Prof. L.P. Kulev, dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the Tomsk Polytechnic University (2016, Tomsk)

  • Awarded with the diploma for the first place in the First Scientific and Educational Forum of the Chemical-Biological Institute of the IKBFU "ХИМБИОSEASONS" (2015, Kaliningrad).


  • Agievich, Maris A., et al. "Electrochemical study of microbiological corrosion of Ct3 steel in the presence of Desulfovibrio desulfuricans." Scientific and practical research 3 (2017) 5-11.

  • Cherkashina, Ksenia D., and Yevgeny V. Krasnov. "The role of biofouling in the coastal marine communities of the Southern Baltic." Bulletin of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. Series: Natural and Medical Sciences 2 (2017).

  • Cherkashina, Ksenia D. "Environmentally Safe Protection From Marine Forces" Environmental policy: problems and perspectives: materials of the IVth interuniversity. stud. scientific-practical. Conf. (Perm, PGNIU, May 26, 2016) / otv. Ed. VV Elshina; Perm. state. nat. Issled. Un-t.-Perm, 2016.-269 p. ISBN 978-5-7944-2760-8. 2016.

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